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About NPB-101D

NPB 101D is an optional discussion section that supports students taking NPB 101 - Human Physiology.

NPB 101D, is its own separate course, with its own coordinator and TAs. While the course follows the syllabus of NPB 101D, instructors of NPB 101 are not directly involved in the design of the discussion nor in what happens in them.

NPB 101D - Goals and Philosophy


NPB 101 is a very large lecture course and it can sometimes be hard to connect, find peers, study-buddies and make friends. In NPB 101D, students create their own community practices and work in groups to solve problems and discuss questions. 

Critical Thinking

NPB 101D provides an opportunity to examine the topics covered in lectures from a different perspective and apply them to solving problems.

Retrieval Practice

Neuroscience and Psychology studies have shown over and over that retrieval practice is the most effective way to study. Students in NPB 101D engage in retrieval practice in several ways:

  • By engaging in formative quizzes (quizzes you can take twice with feedback),

  • By working on worksheets (present problems and questions for students to solve, graded for completion)

  • By solving in-class problems (working as groups).

Any More Questions?

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